Quality Cream & White Legbars


Payment for entire order is due at the time of order, minus shipping and handling costs.  You will receive an invoice for all shipping and handling costs prior to shipment and it must be paid in full 24 hours prior to shipment or your order will be cancelled an your original payment will be returned.  Individuals can cancel orders at anytime, but they will then be place at the bottom of the waiting list and filled as chicks become available.  Additionally, they will not retain the pre-March 1st pricing as we will not be able to fill re-orders until late spring.  All payments must be made though PayPal.  Please choose the "Goods and Services" option at checkout.  This will ensure that you receive the PayPal Buyer Protection.


All refunds will be though PayPal.  You can generally expect a refund to appear on your PayPal Credit account within 7-10 business days of the date the merchant processed the refund. For more information about PayPal's Refund Policies, click here.

​​Live Chick Guarantee

All chicks are mailed Monday-Wednesday via USPS Express Mail services. We only ship day-old chicks.  They are shipped in USPS approved boxes with ventilation.  If nighttime temps are below 75 degrees, a heat pack will be used.  In all cases, a small container of Grogel will be securely fastened in the box. 

When you place an shipped order for six or more chicks, The Merry Hen guarantees a live chick delivery.  If you have any birds in that order that pass within 48 hours after you receive them, we will refund you for their loss.  We do not send replacement birds.  To receive your refund, please notify us by email of the loss within 48 hours after you receive your chicks with corresponding pictures of the chick(s) that have passed. This guarantee does not apply if you do not pick-up chicks within 4 hours of arrival.  USPS delays are out of my control, and are not covered by my guarantee, but may be covered under USPS.  Please see the following USPS policy for more information:


30/30/30 Hatching Egg Guarantee

Shipping can greatly influence the hatchability of any egg.  For that reason, if you are in a drivable distance of Prince Frederick, Maryland, my recommendation would always be to pick-up directly.  Due to shipping and incubator conditions that I can not control for, I do not offer any guarantees on hatching eggs.  However, if you receive hatching eggs that have less than a 30% fertility as measured by candling at 10 days, I will offer a one-time, good-faith credit of 30% on your next order of hatching eggs.  The credit will be good for 30 days after your failed hatch date and can only be used once for your next batch of hatching eggs.  The credit cannot be transferred towards the purchase of live chicks.

All hatching eggs are sent via 2-3 Priority Mail.  They are mailed Monday-Wednesday only.  Here is how our eggs are packaged for mailing.

If eggs arrive broken, please contact us immediately with pictures of the broken eggs.  I will work with you to process your claim with USPS which offers $100 of insurance with your Express Mail package.

Started chicks, juvenile birds, and laying hens 

We offer these from time-to-time exclusively on our Facebook page. They are available only for local pick-up.  We do not ship birds older than 1 day.  All started chicks and juvenile birds should be kept in quarantine for 30 days and observed before adding them to your existing flock.

Customer Loyalty Program

As a token of our gratitude, if you place a repeat order within 30 days of receiving your order, or if you refer someone else who makes a purchase, you will receive a 20% discount on your next order with us. This offer is good for up to 30 days after the initial purchase. Please contact us and mention this discount code, and we will send you a special invoice for ordering.